Founder of Unlimited Experiences SA announced as awards judge at the CX West Africa Summit 2020, Lagos Nigeria

The Customer Experience (CX) West Africa Summit is a CX initiative of Niche Customer Experience Consulting Firm (formerly Neetch Company) – Nigeria’s first boutique customer experience firm). It is an initiative designed to create more awareness about customer experience and the role it can play in transforming the business landscape in West Africa.  It is a platform for business leaders, business managers, and business owners to connect, learn, evolve and transform while growing their businesses across West Africa, one customer experience at a time. 

Comprising of keynote speeches, lectures, panel discussions, masterclasses, networking opportunities, and product/service exhibitions, the connected goal is helping businesses increase their customer profitability through effective experience management.  The Customer Experience (CX) West Africa Summit 2020 is scheduled to hold on July 10th, in Lagos Nigeria and October 9th, in Accra-Ghana.

In 2020, there is a representation of speakers from across Africa and the UK with topics focused on the different aspects of experience management including a keynote address that will also serve as a continent-specific study case on how to increase business growth through effective experience management. 

These topics will be address the below areas. 

  1. Customer experience
  2. Product experience
  3. Brand experience
  4. Culture
  5. Leadership
  6. Employee experience
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