How to start your customer excellence journey

About a month ago, Michelle Spaul published an article titled “How to start your customer excellence journey”

Here’s a quick summary of her perspective on how brands can start the customer excellence journey:

Many companies know that they have lots to gain from changing the way they look after their customers, but all the industry jargon has resulted in key decision-makers opening their eyes like bunnies in headlights, some get run down or run away, says Michelle.

In her article she shares 5 tips to kick start the activities, I love how she says “be warned delighting customers is addictive”:

 Step 1: Gather customer feedback, review, and take action

Step 2: Build customer personas and use them to test and update your value proposition

Step 3: Map the customer journey

Step 4: Review one product, service, or customer touchpoint

Step 5: Review a customer paper at every board meeting

She ends her article by warning brands to be careful once they start sharing the secret of sustained success, everyone will want more.

To access the full article, please click on the below link:


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