Customer experience, the new differentiator for South African businesses

It is undeniable that businesses are dealing with a new breed of not only sophisticated but very tech savvy customers who are always on, these customers know what they want and how they want it. This new age customer has placed a great demand on businesses to come up with long term strategies on how they intend to differentiate themselves going forward.

Trends are revealing that the most viable way to differentiate ones business is through reorganization around the customer and their needs. Businesses who have continued to be successful in challenging economic times and show improvements in customer satisfaction are those who have adopted a holistic and strategic approach to customer experience. This approach has provided businesses with a reliable platform through which to build differentiated customer experiences.

Based on the above we hold the view that it is crucial for businesses to intimately know their markets if they want to design positive and meaningful experiences and set themselves apart. Your business does not need to be paralyzed by information overload because the very same data is there to improve the way your business interacts with and delivers solutions to customers by placing customer needs and definitions of success first.

In conclusion it is important for businesses to understand that customer experience has evolved from a soft and fluffy concept to a top line item on the profit and loss statement of big corporates. Remember according to research by the year 2020 product and price will no longer be the brand differentiator but Customer Experience will be the ultimate.

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